Outgoing Projects


RC BASH 2022

The project “RC BASH 2022′ is a Racing car tournament organized by the Leo Club of Nawala Metro for the first time in Leoism history to bring something new to the table and set the bar high on creative ideas and what we can accomplish as a team. The main objective of this project is to raise funds for the “Hope for Humanity 2022” annual multi-service project targeting underprivileged areas in the country and looking out for an opportunity to serve the less fortunate children who are deprived of a good education due to economic difficulties and conditions that are out of their control. The ‘RC BASH 2022’ was held on the 23rd of April 2022 at ProRide, Sri Jayawardhenepura Kotte from 8.00 am onwards.

Awurudu with Metros

There is nothing more beautiful than smiling and making others smile. Even if we are not feeling over the moon happy, just elevating the cheeks and stretching the concerns of the mouths uplift the mood. As the young generation of the society, we thought of bringing a smile to the face of those who struggle with their life. The environment they need to overcome life and face future challenges, as well as physical and mental health, is important. The project was concluded on the 18th of April 2022 at Ayati Center at Ragama from 10.30 am onwards to give them hope for an adequate better tomorrow.


Rehab Lanka - Poster Campaign

The project is executed as the 3rd phase and this time it was an Awareness campaign. The project consists of a poster campaign for an Awareness Program on Drug Prevention and Rehabilitation. The awareness program includes a poster campaign around the Colombo area. We focused on Drugs, alcohol and its consequences, the Modern roles of Drugs and Cannabis, their promotion strategies, etc…

Save Lives

In order to the aware general public to blood donation and fulfilling Leo’s duty to save lives we Leo Club of Nawala Metro has organized the blood donation camp with join hands with the major social service organizations in the Colombo area and we get a date to conduct this on the 13th of March 2022 at National Blood Donation Center in Narahenpita from 9.00 am onwards.



Sudharmaramaya Temple in Nugegoda is well known in the Embuldeniya area as a residence for well-mannered and educated Buddhist Monks. They are serving people and helping them with their difficult times by sermons and spreading kindness throughout society. But they lack resources. Due to the considerable amount of bhikkus, the temple does not have proper resources and living atmosphere. As the word going around about this place Metros anticipated looking into it. The project “Arogya” is an effort taken by Metros to check the states of health and improve their health by Sinhala ayurvedic treatments of a set of Bhikku living in the Embuldeniya area with the support of the ayurvedic doctor of Hulangamuwa Ayurvedic Clinic, Mr. W.D.R.R. B.T.B Hulangamuwa we held the ayurvedic medical check-up. Lions Club President / Leo Club Advisor Lion Lady Maheshi Hewage MAF was the Chief Guest and also donated the necessary materials for the comfort and use of the bhikku.

Rangoli Festival

Thai Pongal is celebrated on the first day of the month Thai of the Tamil calendar. The whole Tamil population of the world celebrate it without any differences. Thai Pongal is an occasion for family re-unions and get-together. Old enmities, personal animosities and rivalries are forgotten. Estrangements are healed and reconciliation effected. Thus, love and peace are the central theme of Thai Pongal.

Therefore, the Leo Club of Nawala Metro organized the Rangoli Festival in join hands with the Leo Multiple District 322 Leo Club of Future Stars, India as a cultural exchange program. The chief guest were District Chairman for Leos / Past District Governor Lion Dr Lasantha Goonawardhane MJF , Lions Club of Pune Chattushrungi , India Lions Club President Smita Golar as the Geust of Honor and the Special Guest were District Vice President of 306 C2 Leo Lion Indunil Palihawadana participated in the event. It also featured cultural elements such as skimming milk, drawing rangoli arts and making pongal rice etc…The Indian Leo Club also joined us for every moment in the event. Held with the participation of visiting Leos, this culminated in cultural games such as Kabaddi.


Happy Woofs

Street dogs have been a part of Sri Lanka’s culture for generations and there are an estimated 1-3 million of them on the island. We understand how shocking it can be to see so many dogs on the street in Sri Lanka, if you come from a culture where dogs are domesticated and living like royalty in people’s homes.

Among the things that stray dogs need to live a happy life is their daily feeding process. So Nawala Metro Leo initiated the project called Happy Woofs to feed the stray dogs. We are launching this project in the Kesbewa area on 13th of January 2022 from 11.00 am onwards and Metros were able to cater to a large number of stray dogs for their food needs.


Installation Ceremony is the official event of installing new
Members and installing new office bearers of a
Club. “Inception’21” is the Annual Installation Ceremony of the
Leo Club of Nawala Metro. This is the 9th Club Installation of the
Ceremony and 8th Inception.


8 Ball Pool Tournament

Sports make us strong mentally, physically, and socially. Pool
tournament is most of the youngsters love to play the game and lead to
youth are able to develop team spirit and unity. Youth is a period in
which young men and women seeking for challenges. “8 Ball Pool
Tournament organized by Leo Club of Nawala Metro to fulfill the thirsty
of youngsters for seeking challenging work and to raise funds for our
future service projects. This is an open event for the general public as


As a customary and cultural practice, our belief is to engage in religious
activities and we seek religious blessing for every new beginning that
brings a good charism into our life. “Paramitha’21” is foremost for the
new Leoistic year 2021/2022. This project was organized by the Leo
Club of Nawala Metro joined hands with the Leo Club of Mahanama
College. To seek religious blessing and get the opportunity to go for
refuge in the noble Triple Gem is the greatest blessing one can have in
this life and who battles with this current epidemic. Furthermore, this
was to bring moral encouragement to Leos to do more good to the
community and enhance the unity among the Leos in our clubs and with
the Leos of other clubs.


Plant Hope for Future

The project “ Plant Hope for Future ” is about planting 1 Million jack
trees whole over the country to celebrate World Environment Day with
the collaboration of Leo Club of Mahanama College & Leo Club of
Nawala Metro while the project host by the Lion Club of Nawala.
1st phase: Donating & Planting 200 jack trees on 1st of July to
celebrate the start of new Leostic Year 21/22 & to celebrate the world
environment day.