Incoming Projects


Feel the adrenaline rush at the track. Let your engines roar!
RC BASH tournament 2022 organized to raise funds for the “Hope for Humanity”, the Annual Multi Service Project for Leo Club of Nawala Metro on 3rd of April at Nitro Racing Colombo from 9.00 am onwards.
The events are as follows,
1) Buggy open event
2) Truggy open
3) Monster truck
4) 5th scale 1.10 touring demo &
novice event.
5) On road event for Leos.
Entrance fee : LKR 300/=
Registration Link: https://nmleos.org/rc-bash/
So take your speed for lifetime to remember… Keep your date free and take a victory moment!!
Open for all the Leos of 306.

FM Roar

Metros are back with the Roar.
Stay Tuned…

Zero සිලිසිලි

Pollution has become one of the major problems of the 21st century as the amount of waste thrown away has increased equally with the number of population growth.
So we the Leos of the The Leo Club of Nawala Metro decided to collect waste from Communication shops, Printers and schools as they throw away a huge amount of Paper Waste and they are not reusable.
Our main target is to be a part of an Eco friendly world by selling the waste we collected, and from the money earned we will gather Reusable Eco Friendly Paper bags and distribute them to the useful people.
Join our hands in making this world a better place.
Let us be a part of the SOLUTION and not part of the POLLUTION.