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Welcome to the Official Website of Leo Club of Nawala Metro

Trophy is back where it belongs !

Success is never an accident. It is always the result of high Intention, sincere effort, Intelligent direction, and skillful execution.
The Most Outstanding Leo Club of the Leo District 306 C2 of all time Leo Club Of Nawala Metro
All the dedication, commitment, determination paid off with victory
Our achievements are shaped by the strength of the foundations we set. Thank you Leo Lion Sunera Naveed and his team for commitment to excellence and for bringing back the pride again to NM family

About Us

Leo Club of Nawala Metro is a proud member of Leo District 306 C2 and sponsored by the Lions Club of Nawala in 2013. Since 2013, it is engaging in a wide array of community service work. Metros are already leading society the way forward by pioneering social innovations. Leo club of Nawala metro is the place where great youth’s minds meet together and render tremendous service to the global community. Not only social service also brings forth positive and engaged leaders to the community. We sought lots of young, innovative, and passionate leaders to the community so far. In a short time period of 07 years, as an active Leo club of Leo District 306 C2 & Leo Multiple 306, Leo Club of Nawala Metro was able to achieve many titles as a result of our teamwork, dedication and service to society…


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The Official Bulletin of Leo Club of Nawala Metro


Our Strength and Beyond