Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society

Kofi Annan is correct. Nevertheless, not every child, not every family, not every society is fortunate enough to receive “education” which might conceivably change their lives to the good. Sri Lanka has a lot of schools with less facilities to that of the urban developed schools. Some rural schools do not have enough infrastructure to carry-out their quotidian tasks, some no water, no electricity and no proper education itself.

As Leos, more importantly, as human beings, it is our responsibility to help these children to get through their hurdles. O/L level students in Lunuwatta Vidyalaya, Welimada was our concern this time and on 25th October, we rode our vehicles there. A Science seminar was carried out with the intention of providing the best encouragement we can give to those children to get through their examination.

We actually do not know what the results of our endeavour would be and where the benefits of such work would end. The only fact we know is that we have done our part in our best capacity and we will be doing this in future as well. We try to uplift them, encourage them and make them prosper. Who knows, they might in future…

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