The major factor in everything what we do in our day today life is the “purpose” of it

Reporter                     :           So, what does it call?

Nawala Leos               :           It’s called Leo TV

Reporter                     :           When was it started?

Nawala Leos               :           On 01st July 2019

Reporter                     :           Great! It’s a new concept then.

Nawala Leos               :           Yes, it is.

Reporter                     :           So, tell me, what do you use it for?

Nawala Leos               :           Good question. We use it to showcase our projects to the society. What the projects we engage in are, what services we offer etc. There are quite a considerable amount of Leo Clubs joined with Leo TV. Hence, it is sort of a group work. A group working for a common goal

Reporter                     :           Sounds great! So, how do you actually do that?

Nawala Leos               :           Well, Leo TV operates in You Tube and Facebook platforms. We, Nawala Leos gather details about the projects done by the Leo Clubs of the District C2 and we forward to the Leo TV fraternity for them to promote those in the said platforms.

Reporter                     :           So, why do you follow such publicity? Is it necessary?

Nawala Leos               :           The major factor in everything what we do in our day today life is the “purpose” of it, the “intention” of it. The purpose or the intention, or in other words, the objective of Leo TV is not the publicity itself. We intend to create awareness among the Leo fraternity and the society, of the projects we undertake. Thereby, we hope that the encouragement to do such philanthropic activities will escalate and more importantly, the outside society will also be motivated to engage in social service. Thereby we render our service to the society in a different fashion.

Reporter                     :           Wonderful! That is a smart move

Nawala Leos               :           Thank you! We serve!


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