Leo District 306C2

Who We Are

Leo movement has been brought out in aim to inspire and to support volunteerism and leadership in teen’s ages, twelve and up by giving them the possibility to find out, grow and serve by collaborating in community services. In total, quite a hundred and forty four thousand teens in 139 countries are proud to serve others in their native communities and to decision themselves Leos. These young community leadersare friendly, active and dedicated to make new and exciting opportunities by collaborating in their native Leo clubs. Social and skilled connections are an extra profit for Omega members (age eighteen and older).

There is little question that we have a tendency to need practised leaders for our beloved native land. One in all, the most Objectives of the distinguished Leo movement is to supply chance to present children expertise to become high quality leaders from the bottom of their hearts. Our Motto is uplifting Leadership by granting the necessary Experience and Opportunities toward the younger generation.

Our Team. See All

Leo Dulanjaya Nadeeshan

Imm. Past President

Leo Dilum Ranasinghe

Vice President