The most important things in this world are built from the rays of the Sun and Mother’s Milk

Isn’t it a beautiful quote? I have loved it since the moment I first encountered it. To take one part of what Gorky said, Mother is the kernel of a society. All the greats the history has ever seen were born because of a woman. The role a mother plays in the society is irreplaceable. That is very reason why a lady should be cared well in her pregnancy period. Proper nutrition is essential for her to nurture the foetus growing inside.

Some women in Sri Lanka, do not receive such benefits. The pregnant women in Imbulgashinna, Welimada face such difficulties in maintaining the level of nutrition required for the mother and also for the yet-to-born. Why not we pay a visit there and donate them some necessities, asked us from ourselves, upon identifying the dearth. On 25th October, we were at Imbulgashinna donating dry rations and sanitary items among the pregnant ladies who lived simple lives in the compact shanties. This we did without prior notice to them ; we knocked on the doors at the houses where pregnant mothers resided after getting the required details from the authorities, and donated them what we brought.

We hope to extend this further in future. After all, an ocean is also made with little droplets of water combined together.

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