Gift of Life

Every year Sri Lankans dispose many healthy body tissues that can be donated for the people in need and ever year so many people loss their most important organs due to many accidents. If anyone can give life to another person after their death it's a generous donation they can do. Therefore, Sri Lanka Eye Donation Society wanted to make the society more aware about donation process and the importance of donating healthy body tissues for their bank. In this situation Leo Club of Nawala Metro took the responsibility to motivate the society for this Noble activity. Gift of life is a iconic project of Leo Club of Nawala Metro which is doing since 2016. We have registered more than 5000 people to donate their eyes, body, organs etc.. Up to now this project was conducted in more than 30 temples including Ruwanwelisaya, Bellanwila, Pillawa Raja Maha Viharaya. We wil continue this great stuff and fulfill our responsibility for the betterment of our society.