We don’t take anything to the other side when we are dead. Not even our own body.

I recall a story I heard about Alexander the Great. He who subjugated many countries and who amassed unimaginable amount of wealth, had a different philosophy about life. Albeit the fact that he was greedy (if it is the best way to put it) for power, he knew one day he will leave all these things behind. That day, is the day we all have to face; the day angel of death pays a visit to see us.

So, back to the story; Alexander the Great wanted his funeral to showcase the ephemeral nature of life. His last will was said to have written that his – King Alexander’s dead body must be kept inside a coffin where his two hands must hang outwards on the either side of it. This was to convey the idea, that when one leaves his last breadth, no matter what he had accumulated when he had been alive, he will definitely leave all those behind, empty handed…

Such an insightful message, isn’t it?

Well, it is the same reason why Leos of Nawala Metro carry-out the programme Gift of Life.

This October 13th, at Sunethra Devi Piriven Maha Viharaya, Pepiliyana, Gift of Life came alive again. Not many people are aware that they can donate their eyes and other parts of the body after their deaths. That is why we carry-out this campaign to educate them of the possibility of donating eyes and tissues and the existence of the Sri Lankan Eye Donation Organization.

Well, as Alexander the Great said, we don’t take anything to the other side when we are dead. Not even our own body. So, why not donate it to someone in need as we have no value for our eyes or tissues after our soul has left us. But, someone out there, begging for life, might desperately need it!

Hence, such a donation is a GIFT. A gift to save a LIFE !!!

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