“Don’t Join LEO”, they said. “They only go after awards”, also they said.

This has been the common idea and understanding of some of the people who I came across in my life. They criticized and condemned the Leo Clubs for they had the idea that most of the philanthropic activities the Leos carry-out are only for the sake of recognition and awards.

Is that true?

Let’s forget what the answer would be. Instead, let’s take some facts straight. Truth be spoken, there can be secondary benefits arising from being a Leo. But, that is not the very reason why a good soul enters the Leo fraternity.

The Leos are in it for a better cause. They help the ones who are in need of it. Children, the poor, the differently-abled, animals, patients and the environment are among the segments benefited from Leo. More importantly, they search and re-search to find the exact areas to whom they can extend their generous hands and the result of such endeavour is that the needy, the suffering souls, will be benefited; rain will fall on the desert.

Nevertheless, the fact that the pessimists hold on to is the “appreciation part” of the journey, not the “work” which paved the way to the so called appreciation. I have come across some people who want to serve the society, but do not want to join hands with a community like Leo or similar, as they believe joining such a group is not a worthy cause. It is such a pity that they miss a window of opportunities which perhaps they will never get again.

What do you achieve by being a Leo?

Well, it depends on how one performs as a member. Most importantly, opportunity to get hands-on experience in social service is one commendable factor. Crafting the quintessential traits of leadership is one other positive outcomes of being a Leo. Indirectly, when one engages in such philanthropy, his psyche intrinsically gets moulded to make him feel that he ought to contribute to the society.

Hence, in layman’s terms, in a nutshell, being a Leo will create not temporary, but lasting, fruitful changes…

But, is it necessary to give-away awards for such good causes?

Well, here we come for the debate… And I am not here to argue…

Awards, recognition, accolade are essentially needed for such a philanthropic fraternity to flourish in the global scale. Why? Well, the answer is simple. Think what happens if you do not get appreciated at your work. Imaging what you might think, if your performances are not recognized, admired.

Think… I rest my case…

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