Christmas with Metros

Dear Jesus,

It is with utmost elation I write this note to you. I have no doubt that you will be delighted to hear what we did this time to celebrate Christmas.

Christmas these days, as well all know, has become a celebration associated with alcohol, music, parties, entertainment etc. Not wasting my ink to comment about those, I would like to inform you that we have taken a different path to that, in celebrating Christmas.

My lord, your life, as I heard and read, was filled with sympathy, empathy, love and compassion. You had dedicated your life to wipe the tears off the eyes of many people. We thought of walking in your path and doing the same this festive season and that is why Gurulubedda Junior Secondary School was selected to carry-out a donation programme.

The school is situated in a rural area and was experiencing some lacunae in terms of stationary of various kinds. Yes, we donated those to the little souls we found there… Not merely that, we spent some time with those children too in order to provide them with some colourful memories. This was carried-out on 15th December 2019.

My lord, I learned a good lesson that day. That is, every day is a Christmas day, if you can really wipe the tears off the eyes of someone and bring a smile to that person’s face….



LEOs of Nawala Metro

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