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Save the Planet, A great cause initiated by Leo District 306 C2

As Leos, we dearly feel our contribution towards our environment; for young people there is no better way to get involved in a project to boost the environment, than the aspect of planting. Thus, we are hoping to initiate this project, where we will plant 10,000 trees, in collaboration with all the Leo clubs of District 306 C2 during the span of the Leoistic year. We believe that Sri Lankan youth is passionate in engaging in activities which can make our country a better place, thus we believe by starting this ‘trend’ from 1st January 2020 itself, we can encourage everyone to take a proactive action to provide sustainable support to make a greener Sri Lanka.


Join us in celebration 50 years of Leoism in Sri Lanka

Project Categories for each district of Leo Multiple District 306 for the 50th Anniversary Celebrations. Each Project will be done by leo each district to commemorate the passion for Leoism.
Join us in celebration 50 years of Leoism in Sri Lanka

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